Saturday, June 01, 2002

Yesterday was the 2 year mark of Jill Behrman's disappearance. The town has new yellow ribbons on it now. I only want two things these days: I want them to find the body and I want them to lie to us and tell us she didn't suffer before she died.

The FBI are so annoying--they are hoping the owner of a pickup truck "used for construction" will step forward and say who was driving it two years ago. I want to know, if they know so much about this truck, that is was used for construction, how come they don't know who owns it? And when are they going to tell us what they're looking for in Salt Creek? Clearly, they think something is there, it's the only spot they've come back to over and over. Are they looking for her body, her clothes, what? And did they suddenly focus on Salt Creek because Clause said something? Is he involved, or not?

This "hit and run" crap is starting to bug me, too. The theory that someone hit her and then panicked and got rid of the body doesn't make sense. For one thing, they told us the bike wasn't damaged. The bike was dumped in a manner consistent with panic, thrown in a corn field. But again, clearly, they didn't dump the body in a panic, or we would have found her by now. I really thought that when they cut down the corn fields after harvest, that would be it, we'd find out where she'd been, but that never happened. Then I thought, well, maybe the quarries, but surely they searched those first thing. So, now, please tell me what's supposed to be in Salt Creek?

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