Sunday, June 02, 2002

So, more fallout from last week's appointment. I'm supposed to be tracking my anxiety attacks (I'm not sure "attacks" is the right word, they're more like "slight disruptions") on these little "worry forms." Like, there's check boxes for all the physical symptoms (pointless, I only ever have two: I break out in a sweat, and my heart starts pounding), and them I'm supposed to write down how long they last, and what triggered them. Also rather pointless, since it's always the same thing, talking to strangers. Not strangers at work, but people like sales clerks. I have finally decided to swear off shopping at Smith's Sport'n'Shoe forever--on Friday, three different clerks tried to talk to me, and I was like, "Look, I'm tired of tracking this panic attacks, already, would you people just *shut up*?"

I think tracking them might actually make them a little more intense, because now I'm kind of expecting/dreading them, when before, it was all quite unexpected, even though this has been happening since I was a kid.

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