Sunday, January 30, 2005

Two people in the household, both watching too much television. Two people in the household, neither getting enough exercise. Two people in the household, both unhappy with their jobs. Two people in the household, one has been sick in bed the past few days and the other has been playing nursemaid. Two people in the household, neither has anything to say.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Photocopying fees: $75.64
Testing feees: $115.00
Application fees: $190.00
Transcript fees: $172.00
Lodging during two interviews: $174.71
Four tutoring sessions: $80.00

Not included: transportation (gasoline, 670 miles), postage, paper/ink

Total expenses to date: $807.35

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Monday, January 10, 2005

We went down to Madison for the weekend, courtesy of my parents. We almost didn't go, as there was snow on the ground when we got up Saturday morning, and the route we intended to take was underwater from the flooding on the White River (see below), but we went anyway. Mostly there's not a lot to write about, because this is our third or fourth visit in as many years. Usually we stay up at Clifty Falls State Park, but the lodge is under construction now, so Catherine cut a deal with the owner of the Madison Fudge Factory and we stayed in a room above the candy store. It came with 1/2 pound of free fudge, as if we haven't had enough sugar in the past month.

We originally started visiting Madison because of the architecture and the park, but the truth is, we come back because movies at the downtown theater are only $3.50. We finally saw The Incredibles (great animation, good writing, so-so plot) Saturday night, and then went out for pizza afterward. It can be hard to find a meal in Madison this time a year, everything is closed for the winter, but when you do find them, they're all good.

The Ohio River is supposed to crest on Wednesday. In the meantime, it seems to be rising about a foot a day (based on our unscientific observations). Between our noontime walk along the bank and our 3 o'clock walk, the river had risen at least two inches, so it may be picking up speed.

Catherine at the river Saturday afternoon:

Same spot, Sunday afternoon:

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Left work early on Thursday, just before they closed Ind. 46.

Driving west over the White River, looking across at the eastbound bridge:

Things look normal, but we're being re-routed out of our lanes into lanes that are normally eastbound:

The westbound lanes are threatened by the river:

One westbound lanes is underwater, the other and the turn lane are still there:

Two lanes under, turn lane still remains:

No lanes, all under water:

It won't be long until the eastbound lanes are under as well, but I'll be gone before that happens:

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

No internet access at home. We should probably call SBC about our phone line, but since they've already fixed it five different times in the past year, I can't see why I should waste my time. I should probably just have it disconnected and give up the modem connection entirely. I'd probably get more done in the evenings.

Or maybe not, as I've spent the past several days doing absolutely nothing even without the distraction of the internet at my fingertips. I think I chipped my humerus on New Year's Day (thanks so much, oh ye gods of arthritis), so I've expended a lot of energy toward keeping my body motionless. One good result of this event is that I learned that the plural of "humerus" is "humeri." Almost it makes it worth it, doesn't it? Anyway, I've got an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Monday, so we'll soon see what's what.

Tomorrow is Catherine's birthday.