Wednesday, June 26, 2002

So....just got back from getting my head shrunk. Luckily, I have to leave for an IWIHF meeting in a few minutes so I don't have time to sit and obsess and fret and worry about the entire session. Some of the things she wants me to talk about are just, well, *crazy*.
5:17 PM

Got a really nice thank you card from Beth today--so smiley--completely cheered me up.
1:44 PM

I just finished reading an article by Vikki Krane, called "One Lesbian Feminist Epistemology: Integrating Feminist Standpoint, Queer Theory, and Feminist Cultural Studies," from The Sport Psychologist (2001, 15, 401-11). I couldn't find an online copy, and it wasn't that "quotable," anyway, but it did pull together a number of disparate theories for considering lesbians in the realm of sport, so it was a useful find.

What really interested me, of course, was the bibliography, and as soon as I have time, I'm going to track down another article listed (also by Krane), because this is a topic that really gets me ranting:

Krane, V. (2001). "We can be athletic and feminine," but do we want to? Challenges to feminity and heterosexuality in women's sport. Quest, 53, 115-133.

If I have one criticism about the WNBA, it's the incessant emphasis on feminity by the league. I *hate* glammed out athletes, I hate runway model-like publicity shots, and I hate the person who invented sweat-proof makeup and sold it to women as a necessity. Maybe this is one reason I'd rather watch women's soccer? I can't imagine Tiffeny Milbrett or Mia Hamm wasting their time with this stuff. Okay, maybe Brandi Chastain, but Sissi? No way. I'm not saying they shouldn't clean themselves up every once in awhile (showers are not optional!), but geez, do women athletes have to buy into this hyper-feminine junk?

10:56 AM cute. I just spent 20 minutes helping an undergraduate who was doing research for a professor. Reminded me of my first research job.
8:47 AM

Places we will be next week (in no particular order):

Appomattox Court House National Historical Park
Fredricksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park
Petersburg National Battlefield Park
Richmond National Battlefield Park
Vicksburg National Military Park
University of Virginia

Other possibilities:

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Site
Booker T Washington National Monument
Cumberland Gap National HIstorical Park
Maggie L Walker National Historic Site

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