Monday, June 03, 2002

Okay, obviously, last night's post was a sign to get the hell out of Dodge. I went home, talked to Catherine, and decided for certain and sure to quit my job. Kirk was really positive the last time I talked to him, thought I could teach at least a couple more classes out at Ivy Tech. I think if I can teach four classes fall semester, plus find a part time job, we'll be okay financially. Not great financially, not as well off as we are now, but okay. I guess that trip to Paris will have to wait, but I also guess I'm willing to sacrifice it to get out of this dead end job.

I've seen a couple of ads for part-time drafting work, so if I could get 10-20 hours a week doing that, and then teach a few classes, I could leave here. At any rate, I'm quitting. We decided last night that I should hold on until the end of summer semester, and quit before I start teaching at Ivy Tech the last week of August. I've got about a month's vacation pay coming to me, so that should get us through September, at any rate.

I feel tons better just knowing I don't have to rot here the rest of my life.

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