Friday, June 28, 2002

If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the Fieldhouse.

Everyone should have the privilege of watching a good ball game at the Fieldhouse. That's all. Everyone should get to feel the weight of one of the best sports traditions in the nation resting on their shoulders. I can't stress enough how much I love being a Hoosier. I hate being an American, but I love being a Hoosier--there's a contradiction in there somewhere, but I don't care.

Tamika Catchings is an awesome ball player, and Nell Fortner is a fantastic coach. I wish I could spend a week shadowing that woman.

One day Catherine is going to throw me over for a tall, athletic African-American woman, and I won't be able to blame her.

Overheard at the WNBA game this evening, from the gentleman sitting behind me in row 12: "Aw, she's not woman enough to stop you, Tamika!"

10:47 AM

Ice. I need more ice.
4:14 AM

My impulse is to protect myself and not write anything down that might be dug out and used to analyze my personality at a later date.


Hmm...I wanted to be up to three miles by the time I left for camp, I don't think that's going to happen, since I'm only at two and a half right now (and that's a slow two and a half). I don't think I can add on another one-half of a mile in just fourteen days.

Christ. Fourteen days.....

I almost skipped weight-lifting after my morning run, almost talked myself into going home and reading instead, almost decided I'd rather go take a shower, almost decided I could drive to Indy and go skating instead... but I didn't. Ran into Gretchen at the water cooler, which was totally great. She gave foot surgery two thumbs up, so maybe I will just do it one of these days. Right now it's the least of my worries, and a few hours with the night splint takes care of the worst of my foot pain. My knee, on the other hand... well, who cares about my knee, anyway?

Today is my Saturday, and actually, I'm on vacation until July 7th, so I guess I can do whatever I want. I think I will drum for awhile, although if my neighbor hears how lousy I am, I will be hyper embarrassed (turns out the neighbor plays a pretty mean drum kit). Maybe I will take a nap? I have to drive to Indy tonight for a Fever game, so maybe I should.

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