Sunday, June 02, 2002

More about the game last night--

I'm amazed Tamika Catchings hasn't done more damage to her body than just her ACL. I swear, that woman can *move*. There were a couple of times when she cut around the outside of a defender on the post (so, her feet were outside the key), and she still managed to lean in and do a finger roll. Where can I learn to do that? She is a scrapper, on the floor all the time. Coach Fortner did a nice thing and pulled her with just a minute or so to go in the game so we could give her a standing ovation. Awesome player, well worth the wait.

Olympia Scott-Richardson has the most regal hairstyle I have ever seen. She looks like an Olympia.

Guiltily pleased that I don't have to watch any Purdue players on our team this year. Not that I was hoping McCarty and Komara would get injured, but I am pleased Komara won't be playing for the Fever. I don't care if she gets picked up by another team, I don't wish her any particularly bad career, but I just don't want to watch her play for *my* team.

We saw Heather Cassady in the stands, she has an internship with the Fever this summer. We practically drooled, she was that ripped. I would kill to have those shoulders. If you compare her fitness level with that of Jill Chapman, who didn't get put out on waivers (probably because she's tall, so they're willing to work harder to bring her along), Jill looks like the Pillsbury doughboy. Heather has clearly been keeping up with her workouts, and I hope she gets to play some ball in Europe this fall (if she wants to). Catherine was going to tell Jodi we saw Heather and thought she looked good, I suggested she probably not tell Jodi we've both got a huge crush on her daughter!

Looking forward to the season, I did get so tired of losing last year.

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