Sunday, June 16, 2002

Busy weekend. I skated for the first time in forever on Friday. My knee is aching a lot, but overall, I'm pleased. I actually seemed more steady on the ice than usual, so maybe the time off didn't hurt me as much as I feared. I have a hockey clinic coming up in two weeks, and I'm not sure my knee is up to 8 hours of ice time, but we'll see.

I managed to get in 4 runs in 4 days, but I am going to force myself to take a day off from running tomorrow. Weights only, only upperbody work. My knee needs the rest.

Had a nice evening out with Catherine on Friday. We were going to go to a movie after dinner, but decided to go to the bookstore instead, then had some ice cream. Then home for some quality time. Very nice day all the way around.

Saturday, we went out to the Quarry Diner with Erika and Henry for brunch, had a good time. We'd like to go back (with and without Erika and Henry). Then we drove up to Greenwood, bought a few t-shirts and shorts at the mall, then went to Galyans for more running socks. We never have enough. Then on into Indy for the Fever game. We lost :(

I played with the Clie a lot this weekend, I still love it. Read a lot, just not enough hours in the day to read everything I want. At one point last week, I had two books open in my lap and found myself reading a couple pages of one, then a couple pages of the other, because I couldn't decide which to read. Several gay books on the stack right now, a new development. I mean, I read a lot of lesbian novels (even sometimes the ones that are so poorly written they make me wince), but seldom any non-fiction. Lately, though, I've been reading a lot of theory, perhaps inspired by Susana? She seems so attuned to her chicana identity, like she's really given it a lot of thought, and lately I've realized, yeah, I'm gay, but I haven't thought about it in any great detail in like...10 years.

Back at work.

Overall, a nice weekend. The worst part: I almost got in an accident that would have killed me, no doubt. I swear to god I checked for cross traffic (more than once!) before pulling onto 37, but I just didn't see that car. I'm amazed I'm still alive. It scared the hell out of me. I was too tired to be driving, that's for sure. The good news: I've gotten a few more hours of sleep under my belt and feel fairly alert again.

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