Sunday, November 25, 2001

Spent Thanksgiving with the Kuebler family--Beth, Mike, David (Mike's brother), Mike's mom, Beth's parents George and Phoebe, Beth's uncle Bob and partner Jeff, Beth's sister Sarah, and some other people from around the neighborhood. Cute kids from down the street. Drove up Thanksgiving morning, got there really early due to the time change. Beth and Mike got there an hour or so later. Dinner was late because of a mashed potato crisis, but the food was good. Felt good because I didn't over eat (might help that I don't like antipasta!). Watched some skating with Jeff and Bob. Jeff was pretty funny all weekend.

We slept in on Friday a bit, then drove back home after noon. Took the "back way" home through Spencer, a nice drive. Got home in time to go to the women's basketball game in the evening. We lost to NC State (ranked 10), which was harsh, but probably expected.

Laid around very lazily yesterday, watched our football team (finally) win the Old Oaken Bucket. It's about time. Went to the gym, had a good workout.

Haven't had a Coke since November 6.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Feeling stressed--too many commitments, doing too many things I'd rather not do at the expense of things I'd rather do. Must sort it out.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Had dinner at Gratzi with Sigrid this weekend. I like that girl.

Might get to teach at Ivy Tech, we'll see.

Lots of PT on my wrist. Having a hard time sleeping in the hard brace.