Friday, June 21, 2002

Things I managed to get done today:

  1. Watched Germany v. U.S. (only because Catherine was thoughtful enough to wake me up)
  2. Went to the gym*
  3. Visited 2 building sites with Steve
  4. Dusted off the drum kit (literally) and played some drums (couldn't find my favorite sticks)
  5. Dusted off the ashiko (again, literally) and played until I realized I was bruising my thumb with the grabs and that it was going to come back to haunt me when I start playing hockey tomorrow
  6. Played the drums to the Cyndi Lauper's "Twelve Deadly Guns" CD (if that doesn't test the character of our new neighbor, I don't know what will)
  7. Located my favorite tinwhistle (the black feadog D) and played a few songs (way out of practice)
  8. Went to the grocery store (bought oranges, cat treats, bottle of water)
  9. Went to the fabric store (I'm not sure which is more surprising, that velcro costs 6.25/yard, or that I stood in line for 23 minutes to buy it)
  10. Went to the petstore (bought catfood)
  11. Went home, read a couple chapters of Way to Go, Smith!
  12. Went the Monroe County Historical Museum, dropped of the Maple Grove Road videos for Steve
  13. Went to the Monroe County Public Library and turned in my books (they weren't even overdue), checked out new ones.
  14. Picked up Catherine.
  15. Went out to dinner at the Encore.
  16. Finished Way to Go, Smith!, started reading three other books.

Still to be done:

  1. Watch a movie (probably Fire [banned in India!])
  2. Anything else we can think of to pass the time on a sultry Indiana evening.

*One thing I wondered while I was at the gym this morning. Why do people splash words across the back of their shorts? Today I saw (in no particular order): "Cheer!"; "USA"; "Abercrombie & Fitch"; "INDIANA"; and "JAMIE". There is something slightly wrong with having to check out a girl's ass to find out her name.

Also at the gym: I got caught up watching these two women work out. One I kind of recognized, so she must be with the university, or maybe she's just at the Y at alot. Anyway, she was working out with the other woman whose whole being just screamed out "straight!" But the thing that caught my eye was, everytime said straight woman said something, the familiar woman was absolutely riveted. You could have dropped a bomb behind her and her focus would not have wavered. It was either very tragic, watching a woman headed directly toward heartbreak, given that her workout partner was almost certainly straight, or it was sweet, watching someone fall in love (provided it turns out well and the workout partner suddenly realizes she's not straight after all).

Plus, they could both do those push ups where you sit on the floor, back to a bench, then put your hands up behind you on the bench, suspend yourself, and do pushups. My triceps hurt just thinking about it.

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