Monday, June 17, 2002

During the week, I feel really guilty about my decision to quit my job. I like my boss, and she's going to be completely stressed out when she finds out. I know they won't fill the position once I leave because of the budget, and everyone is going to completely freak out.


After sitting here for another 8 hours on a Sunday with no work, no co-worker, going absolutely freaking insane, I never regret my decision. If they wanted to keep me so badly, they would have figured out how to move my shift to a M-F one instead of this stupid S-Th one. This is the biggest waste of the university's money I have ever seen. There is nothing to do! If there was, I'd do it, believe me, I'm so bored, I want to break a machine just to have something to fix. And now it's worse, because UITS brought in a consultant station, so what little I had to do on Sundays has been taken over by them.

So, I am glad once again that I made the decision to leave, and I can hardly wait for it to be August. I was going to tell my boss next week, but turns out she's out for the week, moving to a new house. I guess I will have to tell her the next week.

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