Monday, June 24, 2002

Susana's got some good links on the current mayhem shaking up the WNBA.

I haven't had time to sort out my thoughts on this one yet. It's on my "things to think about" schedule, though.

One thing I *have* thought about is Sue Wicks' comments on the WNBA's refusal to acknowledge the lesbian fan base. The WNBA is so afraid of scaring off the "family-oriented" fans, they refuse to market to lesbians (as if those two categories were mutually exclusive). Let me tell you, Catherine and I have a hell of a lot more money to drop on a night out a game than my former co-worker Rick does, since he would also have to buy tickets for his three daughters. For them, a Fever game is a once-a-season luxury. For us, it's season tickets all the way, baby. I'm practically begging them to take my money, but they won't even show dykes on the jumbotron during time outs, much less cater to us with advertising, merchandising, etc., like they would for another potential source of support for the league. Damn it, for once, I *want* to be a target market.

(As an aside, I know the L.A. Sparks recognized lesbians come to games last year, but I haven't heard if they are still using that fact to boost sales.

Anyway, I'm tired of this argument that no one cares about the WNBA, because all it proves to me is that the marketers aren't doing their jobs, and once again, women athletes are going to get the shaft because of it. I'm sure I've got a real opinion on the possible strike somewhere inside my head, but it appears to be packed away in cotton right now.

8:58 PM

I was so tired this afternoon I went home from work early and slept for two and a half hours. I was practically stretched out napping at my desk, anyway, I thought I might as well be comfortable.

When Catherine got home, we went for a run. We synchronized our watches, I said, "Ready?" and clicked my stopwatch on, took two strides, and said, "Oh. My. God." Talk about masochism, I'm not sure what made me think running was a good idea. The first mile of the run was brutal. The second mile went pretty good, then the last quarter mile was pretty much vomit-inducing.

20 days to camp.

8:54 PM

Links on Shabana Azmi:

A Role She Was Born To

Fatwa Against Shabana Azmi


You Cannot Escape Responsibility

Faces of India

Education of Women Vital

and on Nandita Das:

Fire and Ice

1:57 PM

My hand is incredibly sore. I had to have my boss open this piece of hard candy for me this morning because I didn't have the grip strength. Now that's pathetic.
1:26 PM

Very interesting read from the Columbia Law Review: Theorizing Yes: An Essay on Feminism, Law, and Desire, by Katherine M. Franke. I kind of skimmed the section on mothers and reproduction, but found the second section "Getting Stuck In "No"" as well as the conclusion quite riveting. I haven't given much (any) thought to the idea of "legal feminists," so I appreciated stumbling across this article this morning.
11:01 AM

I had a dream about Gus last night, and I woke up crying.

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