Wednesday, June 26, 2002

19 days until camp. Not that I'm obsessing or anything.
10:26 PM

I'm completely psyched that Catherine got tickets to the Monkey Puzzle Reunion Concert. Their website cracks me up--not only is it funny looking, they misspelled the name of Buskirk-Chumley Theater.
8:11 PM

I wasn’t going to write this down, because I’m not sure where the boundaries of good ethics lie (lay?), but after talking to Catherine about it, I decided to set it down in words, anyway.

Twice today I had a weird conversation, once with my co-worker, Diane, and once with my boss. In both cases, we were talking about me leaving for my new job, and how I shouldn’t blow off my exit interview. Both Diane and my boss indicated that I should let human resources know about the problems I’m having with Problem Co-Worker A.

This is what I want to know—if everyone knows she’s treating me badly because I’m gay, why the hell hasn’t anyone done anything about it? What good will talking to HR during my *exit interview* do? This is the easy way out for everyone—I leave, and Problem Co-Worker A stays, but no longer has a queer around to make her uncomfortable. What I want to know is what everyone is going to do when an obviously gay student worker applies for a job. Is it going to be okay for this co-worker to treat the student badly, too (assuming she even hires her/him)?

You know, I’m not stone butch. Most people think I dress casually because I play sports, not because I’m a dyke. In fact, I discovered last Friday that Steve has been assuming my partner is male for these past three months. Heterosexuality is assumed the norm, and although I look in the mirror and see a big ol’ dyke, apparently not that many other people do. But I guess look obvious enough to freak out my co-worker, or maybe it's not my appearance, maybe she didn't freak out until someone told her I was a lesbian, I don't know. What’s going to happen when some really butch lesbian student applies for a job, or some guy who happens to flame, gay or straight, shows up? It’s not right that this has been going on for a year now.

Actually, what’s not right is that this isn’t even the reason I’m quitting my job, but suddenly my sexual orientation has become *the* issue. For two and a half years, no one gave a damn what I was, and now it’s a problem. And somehow it’s my problem, because they’re not going to anything to Problem Co-Worker A.
7:15 PM

A forty page study on why relationships/friendships fail when communication is done exclusively through e-mail (along with a section on how to manage disputes once they arise). Oh, I just found a summary of the study published earlier this year in USA Today, of all places. Anyway, I can see where I may be making my mistakes now.
4:15 PM

For the first time, Aaron Mauger will start as fly half (first five eighth) for the All Blacks against Fiji this weekend.
2:26 PM

I really love the second story in this section, "You're Cheer"
1:07 PM

proof that I'm insane
11:39 AM

Addendum: Well, S. Korea lost, anyway, so Germany advances.

Sunny has completely lost her interest in the World Cup, which is too bad, since her country is in the semi-finals. She feels ashamed that S. Korea got there in the manner in which it did. To which I say: it is hardly S. Korea's fault that men's professional soccer is rife with cheating. Every single player cheats, every single game. Soccer is my favorite sport, but I can barely stand to watch men play because of the 4 dozen fake injuries I have to sit through each game. They move the ball ahead on the free kick, they move the ball ahead on the throw in. They throw illegal elbows then protest the yellow card. They cheat, cheat, cheat, constantly.

And quite frankly, Italy is one of the worst offenders, so they have nothing to whine about in the case of losing to S. Korea. The entire Italian soccer structure is rife with corruption, and everyone in the entire country knows it. Defeats and victories are regularly orchestrated in Italy, so they need to just stop whining. A good book on this very subject (one of my favorite sports books, in fact) is Joe McGinniss' Miracle of Castel di Sangro. Italy is as guilty, if not more guilty, of manipulative and deceptive practices on and off the field, so they need to quit throwing their weight around as if they are pure, innocent victims. I'm glad the sport came back to bite them on the butt.

I won't be a huge men's soccer fan until they clean up their act. Can you imagine Michelle Akers going down with a fake injury and rolling around, trying to get a foul called? No way. She'll take a foul, get gored in an illegal slide tackle, and keep playing until they force her to get in the ambulance. Women just don't do that kind of thing. I am really eager for the salaries of women athletes to go up, but part of me worries about what will happen to the sport when it is all about the money, just like it is for the men. Men seem to be wimps who are paid outrageous sums to play act, and I don't want that to happen to the women's game.

10:11 AM

I know we can't afford it right now, but I am really, really, *really* happy we're going sailing on Saturday.
8:46 AM

This looks awesome. I was thinking I wanted to go to the sports camp at Smith next summer (instead of hockey camp), but wouldn't Hawaii be better?

Having said that, I feel so feeble this morning that participating in a sports camp doesn't even seem like a remote possibility.

Addendum, later that same day: On second thought, I have absolutely no interest in getting in touch with my spiritual side, particularly not when it comes to the spiritual side of my sports. I think I'll stick with Smith (it's a lot less expensive, too).

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