Thursday, June 20, 2002

Yay me. The archives are fixed, and the site works in Netscape 6. I'll take Netscape on 4.2 tomorrow.

I have to write down this conversation I just had with Sunny. I just ran into her in the parking lot (she was coming out of the building, having not found me in my office, I was going into my building, having fled my office for some quality "time out" time). We chatted, then just before we said goodbye, she made this "oh, dear" noise and reached out and kind of touched my cheek by my mouth. I asked her what was wrong (I just ate, so maybe I had food on my face?), but she couldn't come up with the English word. I started guessing, but it wasn't food, not mustache, not flaky skin, not acne...finally she just said, "If you moisturized your face, this wouldn't happen." So, basically, she's pointing out that I'm getting wrinkles!

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