Thursday, June 20, 2002

In more early morning news, an e-mail from Muff Messier prompted me to mail off another check to pay for transport from Calgary to Banff. This brings the grand total spent on camp to date to US$888.91. Camp: US$390. Airfare: US$448.91. Transportation: US$50. That's better than last year, I guess, since I know I paid US$620 for airfare last time, but it's still depressing. I'll have to pay $72 + tip to get to the Indianapolis airport and back, so that brings us to $960.91. Pay for 3 meals on 7/13, 2 meals on 7/20, and random meals throughout the week when I get tired of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast. Plus, whatever the airline is going to charge me extra for my hockey equipment. Why did I think this was a good idea?

Also, I discovered last week that my weight has shifted so much since the end of the season that my skates no longer fit me. I want to buy a new pair of skates anyway, but I'd like my body to decide what weight it wants to be before I cough up $250. I really want these CCM 1152 Tacks, but it's not very realistic to expect I can take a lower-paying job and still spend money freely on hockey equipment just because I want to. I did, however, finally order a new pair of shoulder pads. They had to backorder them, though, so I don't think they'll be here in time for camp. The skates are the real problem. Maybe I can find a used pair on E-bay if I get desperate.

Hockey things I want, preferably before camp, but probably not very likely:

  1. CCM 1152 Tacks
  2. An Indiana World Skate Academy T-shirt (or two)
  3. Itech women's shoulder pads (ordered---$45 bucks)
  4. New Shockdoctor mouthguard (or at least another one, in the theory that if I swap them out every other day, my mouth won't be so cut up at the end of the week)
  5. Another set of velcro tights
  6. A new helmet--one that freaking fits and doesn't have to be readjusted every 10 minutes.
  7. A smaller equipment bag, preferably CCM (okay, I admit that's a luxury, not a necessity)

I guess I should be trying on helmets. Mine is 2 years old and it's probably time to replace it, and if my feet have changed sizes, my head probably has, too.

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