Monday, January 29, 2007

You know...I think if you have to lie to other people to cover up a behavior--any behavior, it doesn't really matter, I don't think--that means there's a problem. Anybody knows this. You know it. So, knock it off. Do something about it. I mean, do something other than lying about it, you know?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

One of the most awesome architecture films, ever.

Mickey's Trailer

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You'd think since I used the phrase "read more" three times in my last post, that would indeed be what I was doing these days. You'd think.

This weekend I watched one basketball game on TV (IU men beat UConn), went to one basketball game (IU women got stomped by Purdue due to an ABYSMAL LACK OF EFFORT AND HUSTLE AND THE ENTIRE TEAM WOULD STILL BE RUNNING LINES IF I WAS THE COACH), watched one and a quarter football games on TV (didn't think the Colts had it in them, wouldn't a Saints/Patriots game be awesome? Which is more god-loving American, a Patriot or a Saint? I think Patriot, because hu wouldn't be tainted by French Catholicism), and one quarter of another basketball game on TV (at least Tennessee women didn't lose to Duke through LACK OF EFFORT AND HUSTLE).

Unfortunately, none of this had to do with the work I was really supposed to be doing, and neither does this post. In my defense, in the past couple of weeks, I've actually been pretty productive. Finished my AIIS application, finished most of the FLAS application, sent out one article for review, worked on a second article that should be ready to go by Monday, read two books for review, sent out an abstract for a conference paper, renewed two professional memberships, located another conference (abstract due April 1), read two books for an informal study group, paid my bills, did my homework, and basically showed up everywhere I was supposed to show up, on time, even.

What I did not do is type up the two-page essay about my classroom observation that I've been meaning to do since October 6. I also did not type up the two-page essay about the IEF that I did before that date, even. I didn't write the review for Material Culture (hey, it's not due for another week), nor did I finish my FLAS essay. I did not sort out the horribly tall stacks of paper on my office floor. Well, I sorted one, but that leaves three to be sorted and put into binders. That reminds me...I did not buy binders. My "to do" list on the whiteboard in my office has eleven items, not including work for classes in which I'm currently enrolled. So, while I started writing this post thinking "Hey, I have time to watch TV," I'm concluding with the thought, "Time to disconnect the cable." That would be number twelve on the "to do" list, then.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Okay, yes, sorry, I am home.

I installed a rather aggressive junkmail program before leaving, and it emptied two weeks' worth of mail out of my inbox and into the junkmail folder. A better person than I would sort through the 500 or so pieces of junkmail to save the holiday greetings from friends and family. A better person than I, I am not, so if you meant for me to read that e-mail, you might consider sending it again.

Things to remember for next time:

Don't take a coat, you'll never use it.
Do take snowboots, you will use them (and try to make your wife take hers, too).
Don't let the car rental place replace your SUV with a sedan. Remember you need to get out of the driveway in the snow.
Rent from somewhere else but Budget next time, even though the nice agent in Sacramento almost made up for the horrendous agent in Seattle.
Visit California first, then Washington. It will make a difference on the return trip.
Don't take too many sweaters, you'll only wear one or two (just like you do at home, moron).
Buy a new travel pillow and chain it to your bag (who would steal a worn-out pillow?).
Make the phone call north, even if you're tired.
Nine-year-old children don't always understand life the way you do: deal with it.
Just because you forget your gay doesn't mean everyone else will: deal with that, too.
Remember that it's always winter in high school.
Corollary: Don't travel in the winter.
Sleep before you leave.
Read more, talk less.
Read more, eat less.
Read more.