Tuesday, May 28, 2002

We walked (in the humidity and heat) 3.7 miles today. It was a little discouraging to be walking the distance that I was running a few weeks ago, especially since the last .5 mile was really hard. However, once we were out of the heat, everything was fine. I iced my knee, and I'm not in any pain right now, so I think by the time that active brace arrives, I will be ready to really test the joint out.

I almost missed the NCAA finals for lacrosse today! Can you believe that? I wait *an entire year* and then forget that the championship is on Memorial Day. I only saw the last quarter. Geez, I was mad at myself! Last year, I was in Costa Rica, the year before that, I only saw the last half. The year before that I saw the whole thing. When I get to work tomorrow, the first thing I am going to is mark next years lacrosse championship on my Outlook calendar so I don't miss it again. I wish I could see it live (Catherine didn't sound like she'd mind doing that, so maybe next year we could road trip it to the championship game).

The Outback is going to get a lot of my money now that I know I can eat salads there.

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