Wednesday, May 08, 2002

God, I feel like crap. I can hardly wait to get through menopause.

I'm still annoyed about last night, but I guess that's better than being devastated. Jenna and Amy probably thought it just didn't matter, they have no idea what a big deal it was for me to take the initiative to invite them out in the first place. It's not their fault, anymore than it was Beth's fault last time, and it's not fair of me to get completely upset simply because I have people issues. They were just ordinary rude, not exceptionally rude. I'm overreacting because of everything else.

So, thanks, Todd, for everything you've left me with. Thanks for fucking up my life and turning me into someone too afraid to be honest with my friends. Thanks for being the cruelest person I've ever met, and thanks for showing me how easy it is to hurt people. Thanks for nothing, in other words.

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