Friday, May 10, 2002

I should have bought that ball up at Galyan's last weekend. 40 bucks for a basketball seems like a bit much, though. Maybe I can get one at MCSports this afternoon. Might as well go shopping since I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO READ. I can only read so many Civil War books, after all.

I can't believe that out of all my friends, co-workers, family (including Catherine's), only *one* person has ever broken a bone. What's up with that? Didn't these people play outside when they were kids? Okay, here's the list I said I'd write up for Catherine last week. This should explain why I had to pay out $1000 on top of my insurance last year to get my body put back together, not counting prescriptions, either.

Injuries requiring either 1) doctor's care; 2) trip to the emergency room; 3) physical therapy; 4) surgery; 5) stitches; or 6) crutches. Not including trips to the emergency room for other illnesses! In order of appearance:


Right foot (stitches, cause: jumped on broken Coke bottle in bare feet)
Left arm ( broken ulna and radius, cause: stupidity)

High School:

Left hand (cracked, cause: fell up stairs)
Right ankle (sprain, cause: running backwards in P.E.)
Right ankle (re-injury, cause: playing volleyball)
Right ankle (torn ligaments, tendon damage, cause: playing soccer)


Left thumb (broken, playing volleyball)
Right ankle (sprain, playing soccer) (repeat ankle sprain ad nauseum until death)
Tailbone (fracture, cause: riding 4-wheeler)
Left ankle (sprain, cause: Tae Kwon Do)

Grad School:

Back (torn muscle from spine, rotated vertebrae, cause: pride)
Left ankle (sprain, cause: basketball)
Left foot (tendonitis, probably from the sprain)


Right patella (bruised, ligament damage, skating accident)
Left rotator cuff (impingement, swimming)
Right elbow (fracture, rollerblading, aka stupidity)
Both feet (plantar fasciitis, hiking)
Right ankle (sprain, hiking)
Left ankle (sprain, hiking)
Right elbow (chipped, hockey)
Right wrist/palm (carpal tunnel, tendonitis, hockey)
Left rotator cuff (impingement, tendonitis, weightlifting)

Somewhere in there I know I fractured my left foot, but I can't remember when. Was it after we moved to Bloomington?

Current status: tolerable pain level in back and wrist/palm.

When you add all this to the other gazillion times I've been in the emergency room, it suddenly becomes clear why I've developed such a hatred for the medical profession. At least I have a good GP and finally found a decent orthopedic surgeon. On the other hand, I skipped my last wrist appointment because I couldn't bear going back and getting another injection in my palm.

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