Sunday, May 12, 2002


We had a conversation this morning about space. I'm always amazed that the men at the Y seem to have no problem taking up personal space, and I think this is the one thing I really resent about them--they take up as much room--physically and mentally--as they need. There isn't a single guy out there playing basketball who acts like maybe he shouldn't be there, maybe he isn't good enough or fit enough. When the play is at the other end of the court, the men who are waiting to join the game will shoot at the open basket, then back off when the play comes back down the court. I would never do that, I'd be afraid they'd either yell at me or trample me. And in fact, that's what they did last time I was at Bryant Park, even though the posted rules very clearly said that only 1/2-court games were allowed. I've noticed it in the weight room, too. The men don't think twice about resting on the machines between sets. The women are all slinking from machine to machine, trying not to bump into anyone. The women are all trying to become smaller, trying to become *invisible*, the men are trying to bulk up and take up even more space. And it never occurs to them that maybe they don't have that right.

I just realized I was so obsessed with Curtis Williams on May 6 that I didn't even notice that it was my 6th month anniversary without Coke.

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