Thursday, May 30, 2002

The Federation met tonight, I am so tired. I think the meeting went smoothly, we're going to extend invitations to Beth, Jane, Coach York, and the CPA to join the board of directors. Coach York will preside. Next meeting in two weeks, to discuss bylaws and sponsorships. A ton of things on my to-do list now. I can't forget to get some of this junk done tomorrow.

register our web domain
open webhosting account, ask for reimbursement?
find bylaw/articles of incorporation manual at Business/SPEA library
e-mail Amy about new website, updating old site
mail significant bylaws to Shelly
next meeting June 12
Carmel stick-n-puck 12:45-2:15 Saturday (before Fever game?)
Fishers open skate 11:00-1:00 Friday
password on Ronda's bylaws

I'm not sure which is worst, thinking that my teammates didn't notice how angry (frustrated, humiliated, isolated) I was last January, or finding out they did notice but didn't bother to talk to me about it.

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