Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Okay, these "who are you" quizzes have taken over blogs everywhere, and they're getting kind of annoying, but ohmigod, this one really describes me--I wasn't even trying to stack the answers and get the personality I wanted. I am soooooo old school--I loved my Commodore64! My first program was written on an Apple IIc but am always quick to point out, "but I'd run other people's programs years before that!" I used to constantly bitch about all these new people throwing up web pages liked they'd earned the privilege (I've gotten over that one, having discovered that even if everyone out there is too damn lazy to code their html by hand, they can still have interesting things to say). I've totally given up on Usenet, because when I go there, I just start lamenting the loss of quality postings that I associate with, oh...1991 or so. My first e-mail program (conveniently called "mail") was command-line driven, none of this polished GUI crap for me. I learned UNIX by accident, just by hanging out in IRC in the old days before this stupid mIRC program let everyone and his/her dog onto IRC. Damn, I missed the old days.

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