Sunday, May 12, 2002

Is this a cool page or what? Bunker Hill. I miss the Bunker Hill stairs. And look look look! The Embassy and and old Embassy picture. Wow, I'm amazed it's still standing.

I've already written a million and one things in here this weekend, but I want to remember this. I just sent this to Catherine, and it perfectly sums up why I was such a basketcase after the Landers temblor. Given that my room rattled when anything bigger than a 2.0 aftershock occured, I'm surprised I didn't go insane:

April 22, 1992:
6.1 magnitude (foreshock) (Joshua Tree). I convert to Christianity while under my desk.

June 28, 1992 (Gay Pride Day in W. Hollywood):
7.3 magnitude, 4:57 a.m. (Landers quake)

June 28, 1992:
5.6 magnitude, 4:58 a.m. (aftershock)

June 28, 1992:
5.6 magnitude, 5:01 a.m. (aftershock)

June 28, 1992:
6.4 magnitude, 8:04 a.m. (Big Bear, aftershock)

143 of the aftershock quakes registered 4.0 or more, 19 registered 5.0 or more.

Then get this....they now think that aftershocks don't necessarily decrease with time. There are still aftershocks from the Landers quake going on. In 1997 there were 1000 aftershocks from the Landers quake alone. I'd be a basket case if I was still there.

This is from August 17, 2000:
"At 9:43 pm last night, there was a M3.1 Landers aftershock of the June 28, 1992 Mw7.3 Landers quake. The location was 17 miles north of Yucca Valley. It was reported felt in the small town of Landers. Although Landers aftershocks have become rare of late, due to the amount of time since the main shock, they have been continuing at a slow but steady rate."

So, I was already strung out and tense by the end of April (ie., the beginning of the riots). Finish with the riots, move right into more earthquakes.

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