Sunday, May 05, 2002

35 [erasure].

Catherine actually said yesterday: "I'm excited to go running in my new socks!" Then she realized what she said and tried to back pedal :) She's doing great, going to do 24 minutes next week. She thought I was lying when I said she'd lost weight recently, but she stepped on the scale and found out she'd lost about 20 pounds (maybe more, I'm not sure what she used to weigh). So, I'm proud of her, because she's getting a good aerobic workout and eating right.

My back is killing me. I think I pulled something shooting baskets on Friday. It hurt before then, it was incredibly painful during my final and when I was at BRI, I shouldn't have gone to the park at all. It hurts from my spine all the way around my right oblique. Luckily I don't have to lift again until Thursday, no running until Wednesday. My body needs some recovery time.

Read a really good book this weekend, Egret, by Helen Collins. Not sure why I liked it so much, but I read it twice. I'm probably in love (or lust) with the antagonist, just as the protagonist was. Doing a lot of reading lately, reading a book on Richmond during the Civil War, another book of primary sources from the Civil War, a cheesy romance, some poetry. Waiting for my books to arrive from Powells and Amazon. Altogether we spent over $200 on books this month, which sounds extravagant (well, it is), but since we don't have to pay the mortgage this month, it gives us a little bit of money with which to have fun. Looking forward to reading Pat's book.

Had fun at Diane and Garett's last night. Going to Terri's tonight, Sigrid will be there.

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