Sunday, May 26, 2002

Mmm...we went out for dinner and drove around looking at the storm damage. Not the worst storm we've seen since we've been here (not tornadic, no straight-line winds) but a lot of trees down. Usually Catherine is the calm one during storms, but she completely freaked out during this one and made me go into the hallway away from the windows.

When we were out, Catherine noticed all the old yellow ribbons have been replaced with new ones. Friday will be the two-year anniversary of Jill's disappearance. It breaks my heart every time I see her mother at the games. At first, I think we were all mourning Jill. Then I think we were all morning our "loss of innocence," (although I do know at least one person who seemed to think Bloomington deserved this kind of thing for being so naive and believing it was safe here), and now I think we're mourning Jill's parents, because those are the people we see suffering. We can tell ourselves Jill didn't suffer until proven otherwise, but there's no way to look at her mom and not realize how endlessly hard it must be.

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