Friday, May 24, 2002

Things I got done today in spite of myself (in order of appearance):

1. Picked up my new knee brace.*
2. Mailed a precis to Bill Palmer.
3. Copied an entire dissertation in case I need it for my "dark side" of motel architecture paper.
4. Went to the courthouse, picked up some deed of convenant agreements from the recorders' office.
5. Took deed of covenant agreements to BRI, set up the backup/CD-burning software on the office computer.
6. Bought a present for Catherine.**
7. Bought a copy of The Advocate and The Gay & Lesbian Review*** and a book on supersymmetry (SUSY) theory.****
8. Got a haircut.
9. Wrote one essay for my philosophy class (took an entire hour, I guess this is why getting an MA in the philosophy of science and mathematics would be a bad idea)
10. Talked to my boss about Problem Co-Worker A. She's on it, already talked to human resources about her.
11. Called IU EAP.
12. Went to pharmacy.
13. Started reading a novel.

Things left to do:

1. Write to Peter.
2. Read/correct Sunny's paper.
3. Go to gym, upper-body workout.

*I look like a total jock, but my god, is this how the knee is supposed to work? This brace has hinges on each side, and my knee only opens and closes along a prescribed (proscribed?) path now. And let me say, this path is nothing like the one my knee has been following. I've learned more about the way I move in the past five hours than I have in my whole life. I am just totally stunned by the fact that I now need to learn how to walk again.

**Does this make me a guy? I spend all evening being unpleasant, and then I go out and buy a gift to make up for it. I think it does make me a guy.

***I *will* have a gay identity, dammit! The trouble is, The Advocate has absolutely no bearing on my life. I don't have AIDS, I'm not HIV-positive, I'm not looking to cash in my life insurance, I'm not into cruising guys in bikini briefs. I'm also not having a baby, so the focus of this month's issue spoke not to my soul at all. Why do I even buy this stupid magazine? I've been complaining about it for years, and it just never gets any better.

****You know you are a freak when you experience a moment of real frustration in the bookstore when you realize you have to choose between a book on calculus and a book on the quantum paradox. I'm a freakin' weirdo.

Some random thoughts:

--You know why I love Bloomington? Even the men who work at the post office are all hoosier-y and nice.
--Splashin' Safari has a new slide. I thought Otorongo was going to kill me, there's no fucking way I'm going down ZOOMbabwe.
--Catherine wants me to take this class, but $600 for a 5-week class seems like a lot. Anyway, I'll already be taking SolidWorks and descriptive geometry. And I was thinking about taking calculus by correspondence, so I just wouldn't have time. And anyway, I'm way too bashful, I'd rupture my aorta blushing through the entire thing.

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