Sunday, May 26, 2002

Catherine thinks I should contact Doug Bauder and talk to him about starting a mentoring program for GLBT students. It is a bit sad that whack places like USC have one and IU doesn't. However, I would be a very lousy mentor. Some kid would come to me and want to talk about the stress of coming out of the closet, and I'd be saying, "Dude, just do it already and quit whining." I don't think that's what they'd be looking for in a mentor.

My knee feels really good, this brace is definitely helping. I am anxious for my "active" brace to arrive so I can be

Oh, yeah, being gay reminds me...I am very tired of the (mis)appropriation of the word "queer" by academics. When the GLBT people around me first began using it...hmm...10, 12 years ago? I was all for that. It was edgy, it was hip, it was happenin'. But I was at this conference a couple months ago, and one of the sessions was supposed to be on "queer space." But only 1 of 5 papers had anything to do with GLBT people--the other four were using "queer" as a synonym for "the other." Alternative space, space occupied by someone other than a white male. You know what? You can't use me to make your point. I am not going to remain outside, beyond the pale, marginalised, just so you can use me as an allegory. Find your own word.

Oh, and while I'm apparently having a tres gay weekend, let me just say that whoever thought the title of this book was clever is an idiot. And obviously Borders employees aren't the brightest, because it clearly does not belong on the GLBT theory shelf at our store. Hello, straight men are *not lesbians*, so don't make me think about them having sex. *brrrr*

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