Saturday, June 07, 2003

Yeah, that would be a bruised ego. So, maybe I need to get thicker skin, but it kind of hurts my feelings to know that Bobby and Brian discussed the fact that maybe it isn't the instrument that sounds bad, but the musician. In other words, the bells are fine, but my technique sucks. Rationally, I know they're wrong--I'm absolutely competent--but emotionally, I'm not very happy about it.

I'm going to buy a better set of bells, yes, I am. I found a set downtown that sounds angelic compared to the bells the band own (even though they are still fairly low end), and I'm putting a down payment on them tomorrow. I'd save myself about 50 bucks if I bought them off the web, but if I buy them downtown, I can put them on layway for a mere $23. I'll have ten months to come up with the rest. Hopefully, it won't take that long.

What I really want is a Mapex M series drum kit. My kit so needs to be upgraded, and at $880, the Mapex I found today is an absolute steal, but I'd have trouble coming up with the 10% down right now, much less the rest of the money in months to come. The set is so beautiful, a nice burgundy w/a natural wood hoop on the bass, and I do like the Mapex sound. I just have to let it go, though, 'cause we just can't afford it. My one hope is if someone steps forward to buy my existing kit. It's probably worth a couple hundred, maybe $225 or $250 w/cymbals (which I don't really want to sell but would if it would get me my Mapex kit).

I guess it's just one more thing to put on my list for when I get a real job w/a real salary. Someone needs to endow my life. I promise I'll name a chair after them if they do.

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