Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Sort of a tag team intellectualism going on in our household this evening. While I was in one building listening to A. Loudermilk, Achy Obejas and Alison Hawthorne Deming, Catherine was in another listening to John d'Emilio and Martha Vicinus.

I don't know how Catherine felt about her evening, but mine was worth the trip to campus, even if I might have lost my stick bag rushing out of rehearsal (and more importantly, all the sticks and mallets it contained). I expected Achy Obejas to good, I've been hooked on her writing ever since her first collection of short stories came out, but the truth is, it was A. Loudermilk (aka Thomas C. Jones) who really blew me away. I could have listened to his poetry the entire evening. I've read a couple of his poems here and there--in The Gay and Lesbian Review, for instance--but now I'd like to gather up everything he's written and spend some quality time with it.

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