Friday, June 27, 2003

I'll join Francis in his happiness for the Supreme Court ruling. I think. I know I should be very happy, and I do hope it signals great changes, but after reading the dissenting opinionsy by Scalia and Thomas, I just feel depressed. I should have stopped at the concurrence by O'Connor (was I ever surprised).

I think I've recovered from this week's trip to Tell City, but I guess we're going back down on Monday. We really shouldn't have to, but my boss made a mistake, so we have to, and I guess that's all I can say about that. I am so tired of driving through Indiana! Tonight (late, after my Habitat training), we drive to Columbus (Indiana, not Ohio). Tomorrow we come home, then drive to Indy for a Fever game. Then we come home. Sunday, I drive to Indy for hockey. Then I come home. Monday, we drive to Tell City. Hopefully, we come home, although during the last two trips my boss all but fell asleep behind the wheel, so coming home is always kind of a hit-and-miss thing w/him driving.

Endure happy or endure sad? Let's try happy this weekend.

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