Thursday, June 05, 2003

My wife has spent the last two days hanging with Liam Neeson, Bill Condon, and a couple other Hollywood people (I think a screen writer and a set designer). I've got pictures to prove it, but it seems like an invasion of Mr. Neeson's privacy to post them on the web. One of them is really cute, though, a group photo w/Tom's dachsund licking Bill Condon's face.

Mr. Neeson and friends were in town to scope out the Institute and do a bit of research for the movie they're making about Kinsey. Catherine says he was as nice as you would ever hope he would be. And he's tall (again, I have photos to prove it, etc.).

Me, I spent the afternoon being (re)certified by the Red Cross in first aid, at the taxpayers' expense. If you ever get bit by a cottonmouth, I'm your woman. I know exactly what to do for you (mostly? call 911). Tomorrow I'm off to Tell City. It's amazing how tolerable meetings become when you realize they absolutely no bearing on your life because you'll be leaving your job in two or three months, anyway.

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