Sunday, June 08, 2003


We studied our finances, went downtown, and talked to Bobby, and I now have a great set of bells in my living room. I made a down payment, Bobby wrote up a contract, and even though I have three more payments to make, they let me take them home. Very, very nifty.

Next Saturday, I'm taking my drum kit in as a down payment on a new kit. I'll probably be without a set for a couple of months, but that's okay. I can play on a practice pad for awhile if I get the kit I want in the end.

We also took four boxes of books into the used bookstore, and ended up with $160 credit. That should last awhile, since I can only stand to be in the store for five minutes at a time. I'm always afraid some shelf or stack of books will come crashing down on me when I'm not looking. Rich used to work there, and he told me that it's not exactly an irrational feeling, people get hit by falling books all the time.

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