Thursday, June 19, 2003

What do you learn when you work for the Forest Service? Yesterday, I learned how to make a meth lab. Well, I think I was supposed to be learning how to avoid getting hurt by a meth lab in case I stumble across one on forest, but really, the knowledge I took away from the safety meeting could be applied in a number of different ways.

The number one thing I learned about meth is: if you want to avoid meth users, avoid shopping at Walmart. Almost every story the guy told involved someone at Walmart. "If you see a guy standing in line at Walmart, and he's buying fifty cases of light bulbs, chances are good he's on meth." "If you're walking around Walmart and you see a guy holding 16 cans of cold engine starter even thought it's July, chances are, he's on meth." "If you're in Walmart and you notice all the blister packs of Sudafed have been emptied, chances are good a meth cooker took the pills." Lesson learned, stay away from Walmart.

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