Sunday, June 01, 2003

That Bridget Pettis is such a cutie. The way that woman plays ball...mmmm.

Today was the home opener for the Fever--good game against the Mystics. It's just such a fortunate thing we didn't trade Pettis, the energy she brings to the floor always swings the momentum back to the Fever, even when they're down. I'm trying to cut Stephanie White some slack. It's obvious she's been working hard, her legs and arms look good, you can tell she's been in the weight room. I'm not sure what the tan and blonde hair are all about, but if it makes her play better ball, I'm all for it. I will say, if I have to listen to the women behind me call her "Whitey" all season, heads are going to roll.

I know the ticket office was trying to do us a favor by "improving" our seats this year, but I'm annoyed. We were in row 14 last year, and I really liked the sight line. We asked to stay in our same seats, but they moved us down to row 9. I guess most (taller) people would be happy, but it ruined my view of the game.

The crowd was noticeably more heterosexual today. Usually, I can walk into the Fieldhouse before a game, open my arms and murmur, "My people!" Today, though, I would have been encompassing as many men as women, and from the looks of it, as many straight women as lesbians. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, because more fans in the seats is definitely a plus, but it does change the dynamics. I guess crowd diversity will be good for the sport, and admittedly, it's going to take a lot more straight people to really dilute the dyke density of the crowd, but still.

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