Tuesday, June 24, 2003

A dozen things to write about, no time to do it. I forgot my lunch, so I might as well jot some things down.

[good things]

  • I finally got paid for my first two weeks of work. Thank god.
  • Our beans, peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers all have blossoms. As long as I don't have to eat any of the resulting fruits or vegetables, I'm happy with their growth.
  • I get one of Rob's dad's flowerpots. Too cool.
  • I finally started writing again yesterday morning, scribbling on a pad while I was waiting for that freaking stupid Paycheck 7 update to run itself to death.

[bad things]

  • I discovered that I get paid roughly $200 more per month working as a student employee for the FS than I do for teaching 5 classes as an adjunct. That's messed up.
  • The baby rabbit ate the watermelon, and some bug got the eggplants. I don't really care about the eggplants because I'm not into the whole aubergine thing, anyway.
  • I stopped writing again last night, totally discouraged after listening to Achy Obejas describe something as simple as taking a shower.
  • I knew my parents weren't telling me the whole story last time I called. My mom said my dad was having "good days and bad days." I knew that was a rotten understatement. Pretty much in my family if someone says they have a paper cut, that means "I've severed a major artery." If they say they're not feeling well, they're really saying, "You'd better damn well call 911." So, I knew it was worse than they were saying. The optimistic part is, my dad saw the cardio-pulmonary guy in Wenatchee last Thursday and they're trying a new drug regimen. His care is being totally mishandled, and it pisses me off.
  • Working for the gov't. Enough said.

[things that could go either way]

  • I haven't had enough time to think about any of the Supreme Court decisions. I'm at least 1/2 way pleased w/the affirmative action ruling, but haven't been able to clear my mind long enough to consider the other half. And I really haven't been able to wrap my mind around the Holocaust/American Insurance Company ruling. Maybe this weekend. I'm anxious to hear what they rule on the sodomy issue on Thursday.
  • No one in our household is applying for jobs in either Seattle or San Francisco, despite two weeks of discussion on the matter.
  • Someone in our household applied for a job she may or may not want, that she may or may not get. The issue is tabled until the human resources office makes contact with us.
  • Someone in our household is working on a new research project. The paper proposal is due September 1. It may or may not be co-authored by a) someone else in our household or b) a former colleague or c) all of the above.

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