Thursday, June 26, 2003

Kind moments to end an evening: arriving home after dark, we simply sat in the driveway, listened to a song we liked on the radio, and watched all the fireflies. Fireflies are almost proof that there is a god.

I should sleep well tonight. The double test is over, a little anti-climactic, I think. I was worked up to the point of wanting to throw up, but by the time we had to break boards, I was so worn out I couldn't be nervous anymore. The hapkido part of the test was abbreviated, which is good because none of us really knew what we were supposed to be doing, anyway. I'm bailing on hapkido as soon as possible, it is really hard on my wrist. The taekwondo part of the test went much better, except my pivot foot on the roundhouse kick. Really got to work on that. Broke my boards, bowed out, went home. Glad it's over, and I'll be glad to have my new belt.

Catherine is so funny. After I broke my second board I carried it over her to hold during the rest of the test, and I could tell she was trying not to cry. Just like a proud parent, probably some people there really did think she was my mom. Sooooo cute, she was. That's the kind of partner everyone should have. She even thanked me afterward for letting her come watch me test. How many spouses say, "Hey, thanks for letting me support you in all your weird hobbies" at the end of the day? I was proud that she was proud, so now I guess we're all proud.

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