Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I think the job will be okay. I'll admit I'm a little over-qualified, and it's not going to be full of intellectual challenges, but there's something to be said for just doing something that feels comfortable for awhile. My supervisor seems like he'll be easy to work with, so that should make for a decent summer. My first road trip is later this week, we're going down to Tell City to work on some printers and go to an all Forest meeting. My first big road trip is next week, an overnight trip to the Shawnee (southern Illinois? No idea, I'll have to look it up) to configure some routers. So, at least I'll get to see some new places. My supervisor said we might even get to go to Milwaukee (the regional office) later this summer. That would be cool.

Anyway, no stress or strain over the new job. I got there, started working, pretty simple. Installed two new systems today, pulled one down, re-configured it, and will re-deploy it tomorrow. I think that may describe my entire summer.

The most exciting thing that happened to me today--and by exciting, I mean painful--was I busted myself in the face w/a music stand at rehearsal. I thought I knocked a tooth out, but I guess I got lucky. A straight-line cut across my lower lip, nicely highlighted by bruising. It didn't bleed too much, but it hurts. That is exactly the type of person I am: play hockey with the guys, I don't get so much as a muscle strain. Send me to band rehearsal, and I come home in need of first aid.

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