Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Damn, Catherine just yet out a yelp and stopped my heart. But it was just that Esther was on TV, not that the house was on fire.
8:46 PM

Beth had a baby! It's Raymond!
5:19 PM

Okay, I'm starting to lose patience with Alan. How long--and I mean *exactly* how long--do we have to wait for him to come fix our driveway? The tornado was weeks ago, and yet here we are, still no driveway. Yeah, I could hire Bob Rogers to bring in some filldirt and fix it, but Alan should have done it right in the first place, and he should definitely show up and fix it on the day(s) he promised to do so.
5:18 PM

Oh, I so need to comment on this, but I don't have time right now. It is a complete and utter misconception that lesbians don't have as many body image problems as straight women. Lesbians are *not* "protected," they are silenced when it comes to their bodies. They will lie through their teeth and tell you they're okay with the way they look, because that's what they're supposed to say. They want to be good feminists above all else. They're supposed to be all positive and accepting of the female body, but they are absolutely not, not anymore than any other woman in Euro-American society.

Man, I could write a book on how little help there is out there for lesbians with eating disorders. The medical profession en large doesn't know how to treat gay/lesbian patients, and it's even worse when it comes to mental health issues, and even more worse (worser? more bad?) when it come to eating disorders.

But I don't have time to rant right now.

9:51 AM

Awesome. Two e-mails from my coach this morning. I am on the purple team roster for both games this weekend as well as the Cleveland tournament.
9:21 AM

Do you suppose there is such a thing as a Southern California accent? I mean, besides the whole Valley girl thing. Because the voices Susana G. and Susan A. are absolutely indistinguishable on the phone (except for their laughs), and the only common denominator I can come up with is that they both grew up in the same part of the state, more or less.

Also, what is it with the parents of children born in the 1960s? Couldn't they branch out and find a few more names for their daughters? I swear that half the women I know who are roughly my age are named Susan, or some variation thereof. I had 72 people in my graduating high school class, and three of us were named Susan. What's up with that? Not that anyone cares, but I was named after the doll my mom had when she was a little girl. She still has the doll, in fact, and keeps saying she's going to get the arms and legs replaced. It has a china head, but the limbs were plastic, and when she left it out in the sun one day, the doll developed a deep tan everywhere but its head.

Sadly, I do not tan.

C: You two sounded like you were having fun.
S: Yeah. At least, I was.
C: You have a friend!
S: Yeah, it sounds like it, huh?
C: I'm happy for you, honey.
S: Yeah, I'll try not to freak out about it.
C: *knowing laugh*

So far, so good, I did not lie awake all night and obsess about every stupid thing I might have said. I woke up early and took care of that task, instead.

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