Saturday, October 26, 2002

A little less tension in the air this morning.

Neither of us felt like running, so we went for a walk instead. Cold enough to require long sleeves, but not so cold as to demand coats; everything still quite damp from yesterday's serial downpours. Fairly reminiscent of the early days in Eugene, walking and talking without really saying what's on our minds. Even the season is proper for this kind of meeting.

But...overall, okay. Everything's fine.

Right now I feel like I'm just a passive spectator in the game of my own life. Everyone else is moving the pieces, and I just get to watch and hope it works out in my favor in the end.

4:21 PM showers. So full of cute things. Kind of odd to be expressing condolences (loss of a father) and congratulations (on impending birth of said baby) on the same morning.
4:10 PM

“A man will always be someone appealing that always will be a stranger; a woman is never really completely a stranger with another woman. There is more of an intimacy and a complicity.”--Catherine Deneuve.


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