Thursday, October 24, 2002

Along the lines of keeping myself busy, I just spent the evening ripping up the carpet from the hallway. It's going to look really good when the wood is refinished. I just need to get the carpet up off the living room floor, and we can begin refinishing. Well, I'd like to do the office and bedroom, too, but that's a goal to be met some other year.
8:25 PM

I heard the White Spot song on the radio this morning, in a Toyota commercial. Really, I think it's Albinoni, but it makes me happier to think of it as the White Spot song. I wonder what Barb's up to these days.

The weather is beautiful, Bloomington is beautiful. I rather enjoyed dashing across town (twice) this morning to deliver drawings to Steve, it got me out in the cool air and under the fall foliage. I love it when the trees are still a lime-tinted virescence in the center but a burnished gold on the outside. When the sun catches them, they look like a flame burning on some yet-to-be-discovered green gas. The kind of beauty that makes you ache. Or as the poet says, "Beauty crowds me til I die." Leave it to Ms. Dickinson to make even the sweetest moment painful.

It has been kind of good being busy w/the drawings, no time to stress out over the bigger issues of life. I can get all worked up about, "Christ, I need to get these drawings done!" instead of "Christ, what if my father dies?" and that helps. I don't know how people do it, I really don't.

I dad must be scared. Mom says not to come home, it's not like he can talk to us since he can't breathe. She and Aunt Rosie are going down to stay in Wenatchee starting today, either at some hospital housing or in a motel, or maybe at Dean and Joyce's. Rosella has 7 weeks of sick leave built up and seems willing to use it, which is good. She was completely there when Dad had his heart attack, and we probably take advantage of her too much. Mom has (had, at this point) an appt. w/Caralee this morning for therapy, so hopefully she'll feel physically better, at least.

And I swear, if I ever see my brother again, he will feel my venom like he never has before. He doesn't have to act like oldest son, I've got that covered, but he'd damn well start acting like some sort of son besides the evil one.

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