Sunday, October 27, 2002

C: I think we should go with "Luna." She seems more like a "Luna" then a "Sam."
Me: She seems more like a "Mohammed Atta," if you ask me.
C: You're terrible!

8:55 PM

So, my wife has a new kitten. Less than twenty-four hours after its arrival, she's wondering out loud: Do you suppose it's too late to take it back?

She was trying to come up with a Halloween type name since our other cat has a Halloween name, and this new one is appropriately all black. I think she's decided on Sam, after Samantha on Bewitched. But this morning, after she'd picked her up out of the plants for the fifth time, Catherine said, "Maybe we should name her...."

Me: Satan?
C: No, but didn't Samantha have an evil twin sister?
Me: Yeah, Serena.
C: She seems more like a Serena than a Sam.
Me: She seems more like a Beelzebub than a Sam. Or a Mephistopheles.
C: She's a bit crazy.
Me: You could call her "Luna," short for "Lunatic."
C: She'd have to be a New Moon, there's nothing very lunar about her.
Me: Okay, call her sin luna, without the moon. You can call her "Sin" for short.
C: That's going to be appropriate.

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