Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Will the adventures never end?

I honestly had no idea it would be dark by 6:00. Imagine my surprise, then, when I found myself 3/4 of a mile away from my car, running through increasing darkness. I reassured myself, surely it's okay, I don't have that far to go, right? But at the 1/2 mile mark, two teenage boys ran out of the woods behind me and shouted something at me. I could see the outline of one of them when I looked over my shoulder, he had on a white shirt. They started following me on the trail. Maybe they were just going home, but did I really want to find out? I discovered that I can indeed sprint for 1/2 a mile. Of course, afterward I had to puke, but that's technicality. An unpleasant one, but a technicality all the same.

6:64 PM

Oh, my....this is funny. Not the story itself, but the musical they were watching. I simply cannot imagine Dva Kapitana as a musical. "And now I will sing the contents of the letter I found on the ground after the postman with the shiny buttons drowned in the flood and lost his mailbag...." "And now I will sing as my party perishes after our boat is crushed in ice flows far away in the north..." "And now I will sing as my head is shaved clean in an orphanage and I eat my cold gruel and--wait--I don't speak, so how can I sing?"

I had to memorize the entire freaking novel in 3rd year Russian, word for word.

4:27 PM

Kirk, Tom and I must be on the same fashion schedule. This is the second time this has happened: Tom is wearing olive pants and an olive/grey dress shirt. Kirk is wearing grey pants and an olive shirt, and I am wearing olive pants and a grey shirt. Our students probably think we're freaks.

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