Sunday, October 13, 2002

Something that totally pissed me off and should piss off everyone around me, too:

I stopped at K-Mart because I needed some more undershirts to wear to work. I was back in the men's department when this flash of orange caught my eye--it was a Halloween costume that someone had apparently been carrying around and decided to toss over a rack instead of returning it to its proper place at the front of the store. The costume in and of itself was annoying: what parent in their right mind would dress their kid up in prison orange w/ a number on the back, lock them in a set of fake handcuffs and send them trick-or-treating as a convict?

What really made me steam, though, was the fact that the model on the front cardboard label was a young Latino/Chicano/Hispanic kid with a smear of dirt across his face. Okay, first, you shouldn't be selling convict outfits to kids. Second, if you're going to do that, you'd damn well better put a picture of the rich white guy at Enron on the label. Or a likeness of Cheney or any member of the Bush family. My god--where are the PR people for these companies? Who was it that sat around the table in the board room and approved the signage for this costume? I'd really like to talk to them about the apparent vacuums existing between their ears.
5:51 PM

Crack me up. From my hometown paper:

"I spend a lot of time watching the Seattle Mariner's [sic] baseball games. Some would say that was a big waste of time and a few weeks ago when they were losing every game they played I would have been inclined to agree, but to win three games in a row against Texas, in extra innings, has been encouraging, and also during the times I've watched, I have almost completed a large crocheted tablecloth, so it hasn't been a total waste of time."

2:10 PM


12:41 PM

This is how far removed I am from the cult of beauty and fashion:

I was reading the packaging of the Krazy Glue this morning to see how long it would take a bond to reach full strength. There was the standard "don't glue your hand to your leg" warning on it, and then a longer list of inappropriate uses for the glue--don't use it on teflon, foam, polyethylene, etc. The final prohibition was "Do not use on artificial nails." I seriously spent between 15 and 30 seconds cycling through all the types of fasteners I could think of--galvanized roofing nails? box nails?--trying to figure out what kind of nail could possibly be considered "artificial," before I realized...damn, they're talking about *finger* nails.

12:28 PM

Okay, cut yourself some slack. Remember? You're supposed to be giving yourself a break every now and then.

Sometimes I feel like I spend half of every night worrying about completely stupid things that don't even make sense during the daylight hours. And even though I *know* I'll think something is silly when I get up, I still let myself obsess about it all night long. How pointless is that?

One good thing about having Kirk for a boss is that he is completely laid back. Sometimes it makes him a less than ideal teacher--he's Mr. Big Picture, which doesn't always work when you're talking about something as detail-oriented as drafting. As a boss, though, it's great. I was digging through his file cabinet (after I'd already sifted through the stacks of papers on his desk), looking for the quizzes I lost, and saying to myself, "I can't believe I lost a stack of quizzes!" And Kirk started to laugh, and said, "Oh, I can," meaning not "Susan, you are so incompetent, of course you lost them," but "Susan, when you have hundreds and hundreds of pieces of paper pass through your hands during a semester, it's inevitable that you will eventually lose one."

And when I went back to the CAD lab, I had to just laugh at Kirk, because sitting there next to one of the student machines was a stack of tech graphics quizzes (complete w/key) that Kirk had forgotten there last Friday.

10:38 AM

And the vitamins, too.

I meant to sleep in this weekend, and somehow I just forgot.

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