Wednesday, October 02, 2002


Dr. Koch just called--he thinks Lucy probably has a tumor, although he can't be sure
without a biopsy of the bone. He said that the fact that 2 different antibiotics
didn't help is a good sign that it isn't a gum problem (also the fact that the
cortisone didn't help at all). He said her gums actually look worse than they did
before. If we go ahead with the biopsy and find out it isn't a tumor, they can try
a different antibiotic, but I asked Dr. Koch for his opinion, and he said he thought
it was more likely to be a tumor than not. He also said the procedure is really
invasive and that it might be hard to stop the bleeding from the wound since she
keeps sneezing so much. I said that we had already talked about letting her go to
end her suffering, and I think he agrees that it is probably the best thing at this
point. Would it be OK with you if I schedule it for this evening? It's pretty
awful to think about, but I just don't think she's enjoying life much at this point.

Sorry Honey--I love you.

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