Saturday, October 12, 2002

I love hockey season. The weather is cooler, and then it gets sharp, and then it gets downright cold. I'm always in the cold, but never cool down enough to really get cold anymore. We get to go to Columbus, one of my favorite cities. Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto...I love to travel. And the smell of ice....mmmm. The sound of ice, almost better. Just walking into a new rink makes me happy. I find myself wishing I could quit my day job and take some sort of rink rat job just so I can be around the ice all day.

The running trail is covered with leaves now, even though there are plenty of green ones still on the trees. The weather is cooperating, providing a fine mist as we jogged this morning. Hopefully the real rain will stay away until we get back from Indy tonight. Winter is coming.

And basketball season has started. Only six months 'til the Big Dance! I can't wait. Some people live their lives by the school year, some by the calendar year, some by the fiscal year. I've always marked mine by the passage of sport seasons.

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