Wednesday, July 23, 2003

This morning, I got to work about ten minutes late, then spent another twenty minutes or so goofing off with my e-mail, etc. About 8:30, I asked my boss what was on the agenda today. His answer? "As little as possible." And I'm thinking, "Okay. I already did as little as possible yesterday. Come to think of it, I did as little as possible on Friday, too. Is there a chance I'm going to be able do something more than as little as possible anytime soon?"

It's not like there isn't anything to do. There is a stack of 18 brand new flat panel monitors in our office, just waiting to find new owners, but my boss can't seem to figure out what he wants done with them. I guess we're just going to hold on to them until they're obsolete. Ditto for the ten new Dell workstations stacked in the garage. And the five new Dell laptops stacked next to the monitors. Pllleeeeeeaaaaase let me do something with them, pretty please?

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