Friday, July 11, 2003

  • Should have taken a longer nap. I was almost asleep, at a reasonable hour, too, when the tornado sirens went off last night. Must. drag. self. out. of. bed. Tornado warnings, god I hate them. Garry and Amanda don't have a basement, so we all headed down to ours. Poor Jackie, he went from being curled up on the bed, face tucked under a paw, to fighting against the horror of the cat carrier. Four adults, four cats, one damp, hot basement. Lots of thunder and lightning, lots of sirens, no damage. Unless you count the fact that I got very little sleep last night. There must be a good reason to live in tornado alley, but I'll be damned if I know what it is.
  • My boss can't drive. Period. I swear to god he was snoring on the way down to Tell City, which isn't good since he was the one driving. He almost killed us on the way home today, pulling into traffic w/out looking, at the exact same intersection he almost killed us at last time I let him drive home. I don't know if he's just inattentive, or what. But I'm definitely saying, "Dude, give me the keys" next time.
  • As it turns out, "ironical" is a word. However, I still think someone should tell Celine Dion that most people say "Isn't it ironic?" not "Isn't it ironical?"
  • Signs you're a total geek: after you look up a word in the dictionary, you spend the next 20 minutes looking for other interesting words, reading each and every derivation outloud to your partner. Double geek points if you can actually produce an equivalent Greek-derived English word for every Latin-derived English word you find worth pronouncing.
  • Triple geek points if you go back and edit your journal entry to correct the split infinitive you noticed in the previous bullet point.
  • So, Grace complained about my drumming the other day, so I decided I'd start doing some jazz beats w/the brushes instead. Jazz drumming = very hard. Worked my way through some Fred Astaire soundtracks, miscellaneous songs from two different Manhattan Transfer CDs, a big chunk of Glenn Miller, only to find out she wasn't even paying attention. Women.

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