Sunday, July 20, 2003

News from home.

  1. The big fire. If it wasn't so serious, I'd make some funny remark about it being a good thing my parents are too poor to live on what my mom calls Snob Hill. When a fire runs up a hill, you can be glad you on the flood plain, I guess. Seven houses in a town of 2000 is a pretty big number. My mom credits the water drop from the reservation plane with saving the entire town from burning down. I think everyone feels particularly bad for Jackie Bradley (a co-worker of Aunt Rosella's). I'm not sure where people find the will to live when they just keep getting pounded with one bad thing after another.
  2. My parents had to buy a new water heater, and apparently my brother is earning his keep by installing it. There is also a rumor being floated that he is going to install an air-conditioner upstairs. Also, I heard he helped my mom clean out the garage and take stuff to the dump.
  3. McDonald's, Taco Bell, and KFC all share the same building now, so my mom can get chicken when she wants it, and also get something for my dad.
  4. Super Walmart gets a big thumbs down from my mom. It's too hard on the old people. If you need kleenex and you also need Poligrip, you have to walk two miles to pick up one, then the other.

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