Saturday, July 12, 2003

Looking worried before this morning's race:

Limestone 5K T-shirt

The race finished up w/a quarter-mile stretch around the track at the Girl's Club. As I was going through the gates, wondering if I'd make it to the finish line w/out puking, I heard, "Go, Starbucks Customer!" and that totally cracked me up. Earlier this week, a barista at the campus Starbucks noticed my t-shirt from the last race, and asked if we were running today. She was all nervous because it was going to be her first race. Her boyfriend is a runner, and she was afraid it was going to be an awful experience, but we reassured her. A lot of people do a 1/2 walk, 1/2 jog thing, so she should walk if she needed to. She needn't worry about being last (because there's always me at the end of the field), it would be fun, she would be fine, etc., etc.

Anyway, she did do fine, I could see her ahead of me the entire race. Her boyfriend ran so well he won his age group and got a groovy limestone trophy. It was a *really* fast field today, very competitive. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but improved my time from the last race, so that's all good. It's more than a month to our next race, so I should have some time to get into the workout schedule I've had taped to my computer monitor for the past six months.

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