Monday, July 21, 2003

How to spend a Sunday:

  • sleep in
  • get a haircut
  • get coffee
  • go to Hallmark, buy cards for your friends
  • go to the pet store, contemplate buying more toys for your already spoiled kitties, settle for cat food
  • buy some new zip disks and a ream of paper
  • eat lunch, act stoic when you discover they are out of your favorite cookies
  • go to the grocery store, ruin a cart full of perfectly healthy food by adding a can of chocolate frosting to the mix
  • spend too many hours trying to figure out how to break up many MB of data so your backups will run a little more efficiently
  • give it up, back up your system inefficiently
  • clean out the bathroom cabinets
  • answer some e-mail
  • edit (another) resume, write a fresh cover letter
  • surprise your partner w/a card she didn't you bought earlier in the day
  • mmm...have a great dinner of pasta w/homemade pesto, courtesy of your partner who has a heretofore undiscovered talent for growing basil
  • e-mail off your resume
  • sit in the backyard w/a cream soda, alternately admiring the garden and watching the fireflies
  • take a moment to watch your partner reading, remind yourself you're lucky
  • remember you need to dash off notes in the cards you bought today
  • write in your journal
  • go to bed early with a book

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